How much does it cost to renovate a house?

When you are buying a house or upgrading your current one, estimating the cost of the renovation by yourself is hard. Especially when you are new  to a country. And not only that, finding a trustworthy professional to do the work is a difficult challenge for anyone in the Netherlands.

In the article below I will help you get an understanding of what it cost to hire construction help in the Netherlands. The numbers are based on almost a decade of experience in interior design and the partners I work with on a regular basis.

Full cost breakdown by professional

As you research the cost for construction work in the Netherlands and start requesting quotes, you will find that the prices tend to vary a lot. I find that most of the time this has to do with how much experience someone has and how busy they are.

If a contractor, painter, plumber etc. is booked till next year they have the tendency to ask more money than if they currently don't have as much work. And if someone just started out in his field of work he will usually ask a little less than someone who has been doing the work for years.

Unfortunately I can tell you from experience that the different prices have less to do with the quality of work. This is why I definitely recommend asking around with your new neighbours or your makelaar when you want something done in your home. One of the benefits of working with an interior designer such as myself is that I have a constant pool of trustworthy professionals to execute my designs and do other work in your home.

Guide to renovation costs

Professional Hourly Rate Price per m2
Painter (Dutch: Schilder)€45,-€35,-
Electrician (Ducth Elektricien)€40,--
Plumber (Dutch: Loodgieter)€50,--
Carpenter (Dutch: Timmerman)€40,--
Tile Setter (Dutch: Tegelzetter)-€80,-
Plasterer (Dutch: Stukadoor)-€20,-
Wallpaper professional (Dutch: Behanger)-€25,-
Allround Carpenter for hanging pictures, shelves, lamps and fixing small things in your hom. (Dutch: Klusjesman)€30,--

Tips when talking to your painter

As you can see in the pictures, I am an interior designer who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Because of this I have hands-on experience and know what it takes to execute a design. Therefore, these are some tips I want to give you, especially when talking to a painter.

When approaching a painter while working with an interior designer it is important to manage the expectations of the painter. Especially when you request a quote. All Dutch painters generally base there quotes on painting all of the walls (ceilings and trimmings) white. This is the fastest and cheapest solution. But if you wanted all of your walls white, you probably wouldn't be considering an interior designer. Tell the painter in question that you are considering working with an interior designer and have him base his first quote on working with 2-3 colours per room.

Last but not least. Make sure to let your painter know if the walls are textured. Textured walls often need to be treated before painting. This also influences the price.

Jennifer Colajezzi - Interior design for expats in the Netherlands - A guide to renovation cost

Do you have any questions?

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